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I fixed my organ!!!!

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  • I fixed my organ!!!!

    Guess what? I fixed my organ! Do you know what the problem was? Well, I’m attaching a picture of it.
    Click image for larger version

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    These two connectors, I decided to try and clean them with WD-40 specialty contact cleaner. After cleaning them, and after cleaning the main power wire connector to the speaker, I took a gambit and turned on the organ.

    The hum was still there, but NOW it’s very faint. About 75% more faint than before.

    My father used to be able to hear the hum from my front room about 30 yards away, now we can’t hear it at all in the front room.

    After that, I noticed that some of the stops were not working. After cleaning more connectors, that problem got fixed.

    I would like to thank all the users and people who have helped me get my organ fixed. I thank you all for the advice, the patience with me, everything.

    I’ll post a video later of the hum as it is now.