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Other expression-pedals for Porta-B?

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  • Other expression-pedals for Porta-B?


    I have lately been thinking about doing some of Kon Zissis mods for L-100's on my L-100p.
    Some of theese mods say that they will boost the overall volume of the organ, and therefore Kon wrote that he also did some tweaking on the expression-pedal so he was able to adjust the "volume" more whit his expression-pedal.
    His pedal was of the earlier type found in L-100's, and had potentiometer(s), and he wrote that he din't try anything on the LDR-pedals.

    Since im thinking about doing some of Kon's other mods, i thought that i also should try to do something to adjust my control over the volumen, but im sure if i want to try experimenting whit the LDR-pedal, so i was thinking that it mabye should be possible for me to just get a example of an earlier pedel and use that instead.

    Im therfore wondering if anybody has any meanings about wheter or not it is possible to just switch out the experssion pedal, and most importantly, if anybody knows if there is a plcae online where they got them (i have tried ebay and such whit no luck already).


    P.S - As always, im terribly sorry about my poor english.