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Tone on my M3 still missing

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  • Tone on my M3 still missing

    Hello again</p>

    The 1 3/5' tierce drawbar on my M3's lower manual doesn't sound at all. I've heard that this is because of a disconnected wire. How do I open up my Hammond so that I may resolder it?

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    Re: Tone on my M3 still missing


    hahaha!... Well bro.. lemme tell ya'... when I got my M-3... someone had already attempted to screw with the drawbars and had the wooden rail off... *you'll have to very gently (with a thick cloth).. tap/knock it off*.. you'll see a harness with two groups of the same colored wires.. one going straight into the drawbar assembly and the other going over the top of it to the other side of the assembly..... </P>

    Now.. first you'll want to remove the 12 hexagonal bolts...8 of them hold down metal wire guides and the other 4 are within those 8.... </P>

    After that you'll have 22 *11 on each side* small straight-head screws to booger with to get the assembly cover off....takes awhile so be patient. When you finally get the cover off and gently turn it over you'll see just how delicate those damn drawbar wires are.... nothing more than a unique series of variable resistors... you'll want to check to see if there are any dents or bends in the wires... mine were devestated of course so I had to unsolder all them... use a soft hammer to straighten them out and put them back in.... here's the trick to putting them back in... start at the end and make sure the wires are in the channels in the clear plastic grooves...then very gently lay the flexible plastic cover.. and then the metal band over each cross-section and insert a screw on each side from underneath it... do this for the entire length of the drawbar... THEN you can resolder.</P>

    Also... make sure as you're resoldering the wires to the drawbar channels that you not only have your colors right but that you're giving yourself enough slack and have the wires in a good enough order so when you turn the drawbar cover back over for re-installation they'll all pull together and group nicely.</P>

    If all has gone well and you've done a decent job... all you'll have to booger with is the screw tension on the cover. I found after my own repair that I had to loosen the cover so the drawbars would push back in... lol.... it'll have to do until I can find a whole new drawbar set.</P>

    Hope that helps a little bit.... just wanted you to know that it's not as hard as it seems if you take it slow and give it some tech lovin' ;)</P></BLOCKQUOTE>


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      Re: Tone on my M3 still missing

      I have the same issue on my L-1XX... one drawbar is completely dead.</p>

      I don't know if the assembly is the same but I'm planning on tackling it tonight. I'll have some pictures. If anyone else has any ideas on what I'm looking for, shoot 'em out there.</p>