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1963 L-102 killing run capacitors?

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  • 1963 L-102 killing run capacitors?

    I acquired a unit that played solidly in the key of A. I replaced the run capacitor and bam, C is where it should be! Except now it has drifted a half-step down. Everybody seems happy oil wise (and I just re-oiled) and this is NOT the only issue, but it is where I am starting as it makes it "unplayable" (unless by yourself, and a semi-tone is tough to transpose on the fly). Anyone have a similar experience?

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    Did you use the correct value motor run cap?
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      I did. Purchased from tonewheel general hospital for that purpose (not me trying to match up values). I have also resigned myself to really go through the unit at this point, testing values of resistors and re-capping the electrolytics and swapping in a set of new valves, so I might as well grab a new run cap while I am at it. If she does not sing like new after this I don't know if I could handle that level of rejection.


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        Did the value of the capacitor match the capacitance stamped on the motor?


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          I beg your pardon but i don't understand well :
          The organ is not tuned in because the motor is not running at correct speed and furthermore the brand new run capacitor has been killed ?
          Have you checked the wiring ?


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            Check to see how easily the generator spins by hand without the motor connected. It should spin very easily. Other wise, the Howard motor may be impaired in some way and may be failing the new run capacitor.
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