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C303 Capacitor Help on L-100

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  • C303 Capacitor Help on L-100


    I've got a connection issue going on with the C303 Capacitor. The Original capacitor started to not function correctly, which resulted in the loss of the Spring Reverb. So I decided to purchase a replacement Capacitor.
    • The Original capacitor consist of One Positive lug & Four Ground lugs.
    • The New capacitor consist of One Negative lug & Two Positive lugs.
    I tried running the organ with the newly installed capacitor (with the isolated lug not being connected to anything).
    This made the 5U4 Rectifier Tube blow out. The organ now no longer amplifies any sound from the internal speakers.

    Where do I connect the isolated Positive lug?
    I purchased a new 5U4 Rectifier Tube, but don't want to risk installing it yet until I get the connection issue corrected on the C303 Capacitor.

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    This is a pic of a L100
    Click image for larger version

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    Everything seems correct.
    The problem may not be this capacitor.


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      Reverb is powered by 275 and 255V supply.
      I dont beleive that a Reverb problem will cause a blowed 5U4 in the 340V supply.

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    From memory this is a 50uf cap and is not grounded. I use a 47uf radial cap here. I don’t have access to schematics right now but double check the schematic for this area. Notice that the lugs on the cap in the picture do not contact the chassis.
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      It's hard to tell from your photos, but it seems you may have purchased a multi-section capacitor (i.e. more than one capacitor sharing the same can). A photo of the capacitor itself showing the labeling would help. The label should show which terminal is which. One of them will be negative.

      Here's that part of a schematic found on the Web. It shows the positive of C303 (50uF electrolytic capacitor) connected to the junction of the plate of V7 (12HB7) and the choke (mounted on top of the chassis), and the negative connected to R311 (1000 ohms).

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