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A-100 dreaded foam removal

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  • A-100 dreaded foam removal

    Hi Folks,
    I'm undertaking the dreaded foam removal on my '64 A-100. Fortunately it appears the foam has more crumbled than turned into the even more dreaded goo. It appears to still have corroded some of the wires, check out the photo. I have a few questions - ( I have searched and searched youtube & the forum but not found the answers) What do you use to get the foam off? Can you use denatured alcohol? I have (dont laugh) oversized foam q-tip type swab sticks. (The denatured alcohol doesnt affect them) Is that ok to use? I did see or hear of a small brush being used, but I'd be afraid of catching a corroded wire and breaking it from the bristles in the brush. I have vacuumed everything but there is a dusting of foam granules still on the wires. Also, do you replace the foam with felt? I looked online at Trek & Tonewheel Generals websites but only found upstop & downstop felts.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    many thanks, John
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    From experience. The foam q-tip will snag on the corrosion and shred. I haven't found anything that works really well to clean the wires. You can use enamel nail polish to coat any bare wires. I used felt weather stripping to replace the foam.


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      Hi John.
      Yes you can use alcohol based liquids such as denatured alcohol (methylated spirits) or rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or surgical spirits or ethanol to carefully wipe away the foam residue.
      All the best.


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        Thank you both, Jim & Kon, for your responses. I'm still working on the clean up, it is very tedious and time consuming as I'd imagined. I'm finding denatured alcohol and a very soft artist' paint brush to be doing the trick. I vacuumed as much as I could get first. There's some corrosion but no broken wires, thankfully.
        All the best,