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Klaus Wunderlich records on Hammond organs

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  • Klaus Wunderlich records on Hammond organs

    I sure love the Klaus Wunderlich Hammond organ records I find on youtube. Do you think they did overdubs and studio tricks on and multi-tracking to make them? Or did he really sound that way when he played live? I have the same question for the demo records such as the Hammond Chord organ promotional record on youtube.

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    My guess is that any perceived imperfections would have been fixed in the studio, especially in the case of the Hammond recording as it was a marketing vehicle for the product.

    As for Klaus Wunderlich, there are numerous videos of his live performances if you Google for those.

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      Depends on what time period the recordings are from. At some point in time he used a Hammond, Wersi and Lowrey for his recordings. Using always the best suited organ for each sound. So yes, generally many recordings are multi track. He installed his own studio at home to have time to create the perfect sound. There is even a video on You Tube where he explains this - but in German language (maybe english subtitles work):

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