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Raising manuals on 'customized' A100

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  • Raising manuals on 'customized' A100

    I am working on an A100 with speakers/amps speaker baffle all removed.Not very sturdy at all! Wobbly side to side action.Just had to make it look more B3 I guess....
    Tone F6 is dead both manuals and connected at the terminal strip.Have a hunch a manual wire is off, causing this? Should I have one end against a wall and a 'helper'
    ready to lean on the other 'slab' while raisng the manuals? Can't have it fall completely apart fixing that tone.

    Replaced the CE can cap in the Leslie 251 hanging off it.The original was dated 30th week 1963.Once installed bass improved but that 5" split in the P15LL will have issues.
    Will rebuild the x-over too,horn getting too much low mids at this time!
    Lower slow motor with an upper spring kit? Says whoever was in here, thought 'any' slow motor would work? Good luck with that.Lower spring kit being installed today.

    The original o-rings on stacks held together with Phillips,not the slot/nut types of post '64? Flat and shiny replaced with round and 'sanded'.Top worked like new with no adjustments.
    I have never seen a slow motor attached with Phillips? Just the first year of two motor stacks? Had to use fasteners on original holes,screws won't go in any other way.
    Most likely why Leslie changed those fasteners to slot/nut drive?

    Want to fix tone F6 without the A100 falling apart?
    A100/251 A100/147 A102/222 B2/142 BV/147 BCV/145 M3/145 M102/145 M111/770 L101/760 T222/HL722 M111/770 no B3/C3!

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    Just trying to help a bit , correct me if I'm wrong but if 1 manual wire is broken the other manual should work. Check for the tone and signal at the terminal strip. Put it on a scope look at the signal if you can and see if you are getting any voltages when depress the key or note. I've had a wire come off on the cap/transformer on the tone generator for a particular note which caused it's absence on both manuals.


    • Sweet Pete
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      Bass pedal harness removed and some 'cobbling' white wires to trace next.If not resolved maybe the 'y' connect at manual wires on #6 knocked off moving the organ? Terminal strip to preset panel produced tone!

    • enor
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      The harness goes first to the upper manual, and then on to the lower so depending on where the break in a wire is located either the lower or both manuals would be dead.

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    At least the tonewheel is spinning, I would be looking for a bad wire as well .


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      Will be very careful raising manuals! Heading back with a rebuilt lower slow motor,x-over,and loan them a C15L until the P15LL is rebuilt.
      Spare Leslie cable now soldered and retained properly. Checked this '64 Leslie 251,and the slow motor is held over the tire with Phillips!
      Have now seen more than two 'stacks' with them in use.
      Stationary channel on the 251 being re/re'd has no verb tank; so no power tubes either As usual no problem with the rotary channel, works fine.

      The doghouse cover is on backwards.
      Will change that while I check the 'throttle body" and put it back on correct. Willing to bet the trim is out more than two full turns with that cooked P15LL?
      It is in a barroom after all.....
      A100/251 A100/147 A102/222 B2/142 BV/147 BCV/145 M3/145 M102/145 M111/770 L101/760 T222/HL722 M111/770 no B3/C3!


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        Indeed, the magic screw for the whirling dervishes, the A-100 has the reverb tank and signal to drive the 2nd channel on the 251. It has 2 6x9 on each side of the leslie . Its sounds good with the right mix of rotary and reverb but; the reverb gets overwhelmed by the rotary pretty easy imho.


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          No luck having a look under the manuals today.Wires all on.Lower manual has bass pedal mods.Wasn't an issue there.No matter how careful a 'foam' manual is opened up
          or 'played with' the possibility it is broken inside is real.Plays doubled up on lower manual pedal mod and missing on upper manual only on drawbar group Bb/B and Bb lower.
          Only way to get the tone (F#7)....is lower preset B! Maybe foam broke the wire? Tone 50 roared back to life at the terminal strip with a little solder.
          Missing back lower manual through bolt on treble end.Sturdied the three left real good after carefully raisng/lowering manuals.Less wobble now......will find them a through bolt.
          C15L sounds great while the P15LL is being rebuilt,will do the x-over at same time.
          The adjustment nut on each slow motor had never been altered or moved. Both tires shiny and flat. Easy when the new o-ring instantly works like new with a rough edge on it!
          "Factory set' still. I would be comfortable performing on it now.Must be a 64,no rivets on manuals! #38***.
          Doghouse cover on backwards revealed the farthest out trimmer I have witnessed.Also easily the most 'blown up' P15LL I have witnessed.Mine cooked a spider wire,paper
          still looked good. This one is fried baby,fried! Was still flapping on that weak can cap, the new can looked after the rest.....cue Disco Inferno.
          Doghouse cover now on correct,can once again easily 'readjust' any 'hotshots' made! .Left it 1/2 turn past factory,That's it! Was able to get 251 open to 7 on volume dial!
          The only 'grind' is at the end of the 'headroom' exactly where it needs to be! Mimics the 'open' 147 resistor setting pretty good actually.
          A100/251 A100/147 A102/222 B2/142 BV/147 BCV/145 M3/145 M102/145 M111/770 L101/760 T222/HL722 M111/770 no B3/C3!


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            Sounds like someone was in there before, perhaps someone had the same issue. Sounds like a bit of a puzzle, Bussbar adjustment ?


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              Tone 7 may or may not reappear with a bussbar shift.Foam manuals with undocumented bass pedal to lower B preset mod.Got tone 50 working again 'somehow' was still attached at terminal strip,could well be 'the foam'.Organ was moved recently onto new stage,was not there to witness that!
              Playable now,minus the missing tone 7 on both manuals everywhere except the lower B preset to bass pedal mod....held together with black electricians tape,the 'splicing'.Amateur!
              Same with the trimmer all the way out.Amateur. Doghouse cover on backwards no doubt on purpose.A real Hammond jockey was in here.....f'n things up custom 'bad' work!

              My invoice tells the tale of overall neglect and revival.Owner happy,that's the main thing.Now we can enjoy playing it again.The one time I was a guest there ,avoided playing the house rig.
              When asked how the organ played,a blank stare and a careful reply eventually happened.Good gig with blown up gear......
              A100/251 A100/147 A102/222 B2/142 BV/147 BCV/145 M3/145 M102/145 M111/770 L101/760 T222/HL722 M111/770 no B3/C3!