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is the aux in on the much maligned B-3000 stereo?

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  • is the aux in on the much maligned B-3000 stereo?

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ID:	807433 hello, new member here. i was given a pristine B-3000 W leslie 722. i live in manitoba, this one owner organ lived in manitoba's desert region until this spring. almost everything works ( grand piano circuit does not work, i can live with that) and the beast is pretty silent. I am a saxophone player and this is just going to live in my living room, plans are to house my analog synths, recording nook on the console, leslie and a rack or two. i want to run line in to the leslie. i assume it is through the aux in on the underside of the keyboard. right beside it is the headphone out, that i hope to use to patch the organ through the synths, back through a mixer and into the leslie through the aux in. sort of using the outfit as a preamp amp for the synths, in a recording context. will this work?

    so-oo-oo as a young man i used to go to the hammond showroom on young street in toronto and drool at this very combo. in those days electronic instruments had mono headphone jacks ... what kind of cables does this console require, mono or stereo?

    thank you in advance. probably looking for schematics for the keyboard, one is inside the leslie ... i suspect i could look in there. but that is not going to happen right now.
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    The AUX in is mono and is sent to the main channel only.
    The headphone jack is stereo and has a switch that turns off the Leslie when a plug is inserted.



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      thank you ... i just knew that those jacks were limited .. is there an accepted way to create and input output situation that would be more flexible than the existing situation. i'l play the organ as is i'm sure but it would be more fun to use the leslie for various instruments. i sem to remember carying around a guitar players leslie back in 74 when i was on the road