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Tips for removing old felt residue

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  • Tips for removing old felt residue

    I've been in the process of replacing my upstop/downstop felts, and Goof-Off has worked like a charm for removing most of the old upstop felt residue on the painted metal, except for a thick line of adhesive right along the edge of the painted metal that's still hanging onto some felt fibers. A rag and Goof-Off worked for most of the glue but this last bit is stubborn and I'm having trouble striking a balance with a material that's abrasive enough to remove the stubborn glue and fibers but not damage the paint. I've already caused some minor damage in a few spots, which I'm not too concerned about, but I'd rather keep the damage to a minimum. I'm less concerned about the downstop felts since they're attached to bare metal and I feel comfortable using an abrasive pad there. Any recommendations on a better technique?