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Hammond H324

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  • Hammond H324


    I have just bought an H324 and need some help to restore it. I need some parts and have no idea where to look or go find them. I had a guy come and show me how to service it but he was outrageously expensive ($75 an hour). Any place that sells service manuals??? Also the rythm section is not functioning and I do not really get the electronics of it. I can take the thing apart but getting the right part to replace and testing is a different story. Any help would be greatly appreciated as my funds are limited. Please email me at [email protected].</p>



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    Re: Hammond H324

    Hi, and congrats on getting your new to you Hammond! </p>

    Here's a place to start :</p>

    And even though that tech is $75/hour, feel lucky that you could find a tech at all.  They are a rare breed these days.</p>

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      Re: Hammond H324

      Easiest place to get H parts is probably to find another H. It will often work out cheaper than buying them individually and, with an H, you're probably going to need a few bits and pieces from time to time.</p>

      $75 an hour is a lot, but not for a tech who's really good at what he does. If you're working on your own, there's lots of help here and on the Hammondzone yahoo group.</p>

      Search here and on Hammondzone for the manuals, I'm sure someone's posted a free link somewhere.</p>

      Best of luck with the H, when they work right, they sound great.</p>

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