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Hammond L-112

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  • Hammond L-112

    i would like to add on to my hammond l-112. I saw some nice counsels made for hammond organs, but they are expensive, and i really want my organ to have more growl (the L-112 lacks extremely in this area). i want to bypass the vibrato and keep the reverb, as well as set up an effects counsel that i can control while i play.

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    Re: Hammond L-112

    the line level white rca output on the preamp leads to the expression pedal, which leads to a line level input on the power amp/reverb amp. with a couple 1/4" to rca adapters, you can put your effects in place of the expression pedal, or after the expression pedal, or whatever order you want. no need to bypass vibrato, as you can just turn it off, and the reverb will be at the end of the effects chain because the reverb amp is after the input of the power amp.


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      Re: Hammond L-112

      And there's this website: modifications.</P>

      Find Tonewheel1966 who's on this forum also. (Oooh! sounds mystical, like some quest...) He's another L owner. Both he and Shwaggy ought to be able to feed you heaps of info!</P>

      Also seek out this man directly (the great sage, Kon Zissis) who is a Tech who gives free advice, and look up his overdrive circuits if you want a fun project with great results:;s=kon</P>

      His email address is there on HammondWiki. Tell him who sent you, and from where.</P>

      Cross his palm with silver... nah just joking. He'll do it for free. Wonder how he supports himself, considering?</P>


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