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  • speakers

    let me make it clear first that i don't really want to replace my speakers ($$$)</p>


    but if they went out (something beyond getting them re-coned)</p>

    would guitar speakers work?  what resistance/power handling?  and what size is the smaller speaker? </p>

    (m100 spinet)   </p>


    (and again, this is just in case...  i think i saw some vintage hammond speakers on ebay, but if i'd NEED new speakers, Murphy's law says they wouldn't be there.) </p>

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    Re: speakers

    I'm no expert on speaker replacement, but from what I've gleaned here on the forum it is most important to match impedence (Usually 8 Ohm or 16 Ohm?). I would stay clear of the used speaker market. The cone paper is usually too fragile. I've parted some in the past and stored them only to clean out stock later. At the time of handling I learned to grasp the metal frame at all times because the paper tears if you even look at it the wrong way (so to speak). I seem to remember JBird and some others have done some threads about speaker replacement. Perhaps you can locate them through the word search feature here in the forum.


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      Re: speakers

      I think this was discussed here a little while ago.</p>

      It's not just impedance and power handling that matters. Organ speakers have to deal with some big transients - bass notes, for example - that guitar speakers may not have to. They also have to be capable of handling sustained sound at high levels. The frequency coverage is larger at the lower end, too.</p>

      There was more information in the other threads. Have a search for them too.</p>

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        Re: speakers

        Good quality speakers suitable for organ use are available from suppliers such as Parts Express or Martin Soundat reasonable prices. No need to stock up on used ones from ebay as there is nothing magical about them. </P>

        I like to use Eminence brand replacement speakers, as they make a variety of models and you can usually find one that has the right impedance, size, power handling, cone structure, and other characteristics. The Eminence Alpha series are plenty sturdy for use in Hammond spinets, and there are 12" models in this line in 8 and 16 ohms. Just get one with a cloth ("accordion pleated") surround, NOT a foam surround, as these are intended only for use in sealed boxes and also do not have enough high frequency response.</P>

        One note, though -- some Hammond models use "field coil" speakers in which there is no permanent magnet on the speaker but rather a field coil, which is part of the power supply. This big coil creates an electromagnetic field, doing the same job as the usual permanent magnet.</P>

        The rub is that this field coil is essential to the operation of the organ power supply and cannot be left out of the circuit. You can re-locate the old speaker to the floor of the organ and leave the field coil section hooked up, while transferring the audio wires to the new speaker, or you can use a variety of other solutions mentioned on the internet.</P>

        In any case, you can use a conventional permanent magnet speaker in such an organ, as long as you make allowances for the field coil in the power supply.</P>

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