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A couple M3 questions...

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  • A couple M3 questions...

    Hello everybody,

    I have an M3 and a Model A that share a Leslie 21-H (only one organ is connected at a time, of course). As the speaker is a constant, two things are readily apparent about the two organs: 1) the A is considerably louder than the M3 and 2) the Leslie's tremelo kicks in much quicker on the A than on the M3.

    Any guesses as to what might be causing these differences?


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    Re: A couple M3 questions...

    Greetings and welcome.</p>

    Well, for one thing the 21H was designed to use with the A and not the M3, for the A uses a balanced output that matches the 21H and the M3 is unbalanced and your impedence is mismatched resulting in the different volumes.</p>

    My big question is how do you get the 21H to change speeds at all using an M3 unbalanced output? It's not designed to work together unless one of them has been modified, although it is possible using a regular Hammond console 428 type dc switching kit. Please explain this in full detail, ie, what kind of hook up kit on the M3?. If they were not properly modified you could be causing damage to the M3 or 21H.
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      Re: A couple M3 questions...

      The hook up kit is a 3M type--two boxes. That's about all I can tell you. I tried to post a picture, but to no avail...