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Hammond L100 Question

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  • Hammond L100 Question

    Hello All,</P>

    Hopefully, I will be the new proud owner of a Hammond. Although I've been playing the piano all my life, I am new to the Hammond Organ world. Here are my questions:</P>

    1. I am not even sure if I am going to be buying an L100. The guy who is selling it doesn't know anything about it. I've compared the pics and it seems to fit the description. Where do I look to identify the model?</P>

    2. What kinds of problems should I look for aside from obvious damage or stuck keys?</P>

    3. If all is in working condition, is 300$ a fair price?</P>

    Thank you in advance for your advice!</P>

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    Re: Hammond L100 Question

    Whoa, careful there. You want to make sure exactly what you're buying. Post one of the pictures andsome of us on here willbe able to identify it positively for you. We can help with the priceonce we knowwhat it is.If it isan L100, $300 is too high unless you're in a very remote area where they don't come up for sale very often. To answer your question #2: the standard problems will differ from model to model, so a positive ID is a desideratum there too... if it's an L100 you may have the following problems: stuck or noisy tonewheel generator from lack of oil; organ runs but no sound due to corrosion of RCA connectors; dangerously deteriorated power cord; missing tones due to dirty "tombstone" flip-tab switches. But again, give us more info - I for one will be more than happy to advise you on your purchase.</P>



    PS if it is an L100 and does have the issues mentioned above, don't be scared off just based on the problems! Part of the beauty of the old Hammonds is that they're almost never beyond repair - they were built like battleships.</P>
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      Re: Hammond L100 Question

      Hello; I recently purchase an L-111. Drove 300 miles to get it and it was well worth the drive. I agree with toaster dude. They are built like battleships. I am a newbie to organ playing, and at 55 years oldI am taking lessons from my neighbor up the street. A close friend who is a piano/ organ teacher and also a Hammond Addict. Just wanted to say best of luck with it and hope all works out for you. I do have to agree that $300 seems high, but if your heart is set on it, well then go for it. I am sure that like me, you have done things and paid a little more than they are worth, but so what. Right? God Bless Curley