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M-3 Wiring

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  • M-3 Wiring

    I seemed to have lost a wire. </P>

    The schematic shows a wire from the large condenser directly behind the Pedal Drawbar to the Pedal Drawbar proper. The end on this particular Drawbar is different from the others; it has no downward inclination of the rear most end (where the wire hooks up) and it looks like it's never been used but before I started this look see I know I had pedals....I removed the drawbar assembly hoping I could get inside it to clean the contacts; I found out that wasn't going to work so on re-installation it loos like the wire is missing; it looks like it was never attached to anything. PLEASE HELP!</P>

    Is this Drawbar not used?</P>

    Yes Brandon from now on lots of before pics! But, but Sir! All the others were soldered! If there WAS a wire connecting the Condenser and the Drawbar where is it now? There is no wire hanging form the condenser and none hanging from the Drawbar.</P>

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    Re: M-3 Wiring


    You are correct. There si no wire attached to the pedal drawbar on an M3. The drawbar connects to a rod coming from the pedal capacitor. This rod should have a wire on it that travels into a group of wires and goes God knows where. The pedal drawbar mechanically pulls this rod in and out adjusting the pedal volume. I'm not in front of my M3 right now but if I remember correctly there is a little tab on the end of the rod that fits into a slot on the end of the drawbar. physically make the connection - no solder - and you're done.</p>

    There should be a wire on the rod though I'm sure.</p>