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Difference between Roland AT90s and AT90sl?

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    Done andyg.


      And talk about luck. A very nice gentlemen in Florida (Hi Kermit!), a member of of the Lowrey owners group was downsizing and had to choose between his Stardust and Roland 80SL (American Classic) ((very nice decal!!!)) and offered his Roland to the first person to respond for FREE. I jumped, then drove from Indy to within 100 miles or so of Miami and voila!! And it came with all the O'Lyn, Gene and Seth disks and the extra rhythm disks!! Love this little baby. It's just right to move for that rare gig. Would also love a 900 but FREE is hard to beat. Did I say "I Love My Instruments". Yes I did. My family however is somewhat indifferent. I'm in that room in back. Soundproof door. Stopped saying, HEY listen to this.... many years back. Wife of 36 years loves the Allen in the parlor. So I use the internals and projectors. When I move it, 4 channels and externals. But that little Roland packs a real punch. And yes, these are getting cheaper. Free was unheard of a few years back, now low prices prevail. Andy has mentioned several times, and I reiterate (it's the black tab buried in the volume settings, but not the flying hammer version?!) that using the RSS feed for powered rear speakers really makes a huge difference.

      OK, organ humor is very subjective....
      Ron Wilson in Indy
      Allen R311, Lowrey Sterling, Roland 80-SL, Hammond Elegante & BV, Technics SX-FN3 & Too Many Keyboards...