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Baldwin PKO-1000 Questions

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  • Baldwin PKO-1000 Questions

    I am new to organs, and I had found this organ for $25 dollars. I was wondering if it was digital. It has features like an accompaniment, drum machine, and midi. Couldn't find any manual or resources on line, and I bet you guys would know!



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    Welcome to the forum, Quinton.

    A Google search instantly brought up a few photos of the PKO 1000, which is more of a single keyboard in a wooden case than an organ. I can't find any info other than the couple of 'for sale' ads, but keyboards like this would date from the mid to late 1980s. I have no idea who would have made it, but I'd imagine that it would be Italian or Japanese electronics assembled into a wooden console by Baldwin in the USA. It might be entirely Baldwin's own creation but Baldwin organs were about to disappear and they might not have been willing to throw money at developing something of their own. Not sure when Baldwin pulled out of organs completely but it can't have been that much later.

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      Welcome to the Forum.

      Interesting instrument. The case is not typical Baldwin and the absence of pedals would indicate that Andy's identification is correct - more of a keyboard in a case. However, if it works, enjoy it, if it does not, well, then it would depend entirely on what your intentions were when you originally purchased it. If it is an organ you want, look around and be patient. You will find something better known. Meanwhile, read the pages of this Forum which will perhaps, among other information, serve as guideline as to what you need to look for.

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