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LCD screen blank and no sound Yamaha EL90

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  • LCD screen blank and no sound Yamaha EL90

    I moved my organ to put down new flooring. When I plugged it in the LCD screen lit up but it is blank and I have no sound

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    I just repaired one with the same symptoms. These models are starting to have problems with the power supply board. The filter capacitors are beginning to leak and damage the boards. In my case, I replaced all the filters and had to repair two damaged traces on the board. It's likely a coincidence with the move.
    However, moving can also cause a weak solder connection to break and the cable from the power transformer is a typical suspect. Good luck!



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      Hi Geo,

      Can you give me description of how you replaced the capacitors of your Yamaha El-90?
      My yamaha EL-90 produces a nasty smell when powered on. So I suspect there could be
      some problem with electrolytic capactors.
      So I want to replace the capacitors, but I have no clue how to do that.
      It would be great if you could help me with this.

      Kind regards,

      Harry van Rijn


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        Several threads on the subject already. This one may help.

        Basically, you disassemble part of the organ, remove all the connectors from the power supply and amp board (take photos if you're not sure what's going to go back where!). Remove the board from the organ and, one by one, desolder the capacitors, remove them, insert the new ones and resolder them. As Geo said in his reply, you'll also have to visually check the board for damage to any of the circuit board tracks and repair if required.

        If this is too complex, then get it done professionally. There are lethal voltages in a power supply, so take great care and read the sticky thread on electrical safety that you'll find at the top of this section.
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          Oh no ! My EL90 has a small problem , when i switch it on , sometimes it won't make a sound and the red led's don't turn on.
          Old addage of "turn it off and turn it on again" seems to work, BUT when it does come on and make sounds , the screen takes 10 minutes to "come alive". When it does , it's working fine. . .
          I have opened her up carefully and cannot see any issues really, i read the various threads here on EL90's issues , i can put up with having to switch it on a few times , but the screen taking a while to come on is a bit of a pain. . . .
          Can any of you wonderful brainboxes share some insight as to what could cause a lazy screen ?


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            Pulled the power supply board , signs of a previous repair as the tracks have been eaten by residue acid. This one has many black NICHICON caps in it . are they even original ? i may have to look up date codes . This board needs lots of tracks replaced . ANDY G is dropping knowledge bombs here !
            Thanks . Update coming soon.