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Conn organ model 653

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  • Conn organ model 653

    My grandmother recently passed away and left us her pride and joy, a gorgoeus walnut-finish Conn theater organ model 653 with 4 pipe speakers and two external speakers. The problem is that we have no idea how to go about finding it a new home. Is there a market for this, and if so, how and where do we go about selling it? It may need some repairs. It is still in her home in southern California. Thank you!

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    First step is to post a classified ad on here!

    Poeple will need to know its condition, so you need to be able to describe any faults, as you say it may need some repairs. Those faults will affect the value, perhaps greatly. You'll also need to let them know what external speakers and pipe speakers are fitted. There will be makers plates on the speaker cabinets, and if you photograph the pipe speakers and post them here, we can ID the type for you.

    The market is very small, and it may well be that the speakers are more sought after than the organ! Advertise locally and on Craigslist/Ebay. Conn fans are out there, though the pure Conn fans will probably be looking for a model a generation or two earlier than the 653.

    If you want some opinions on the value, we have a How Much Is It Worth? section.

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      The Conn 653 is a great full-size console, and it has the later keying system that doesn't degrade with time like the earlier ones. There isn't a lot of market for them, but you might at least get it to a good home - I picked up a 650 for free that was posted on this forum. There's also been some discussion of the 653 quality control, as it was after Conn was bought out by Kimball - but I don't know the particulars there. Andy or others could tell you more about that if desired.


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        The good thing is that there is a pretty strong interest in theatre organs in southern California. Be sure to visit the ad pages, and post there. See: t is insignificant. See:

        Also, check for a local ATOS chapter in your area--those members might know of some interest in this model.

        I concur with AndyG that there is usually more interest in the earlier Conn theatre models (650, 651, and 652) but the 653 is a very handsome instrument and, unfortunately, has a history of some reliability problems. Value suffers as a result.

        Here's a web page with the model info:

        Note this organ is classified as a theatre organ rather than a home organ.