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HVP-02 packs

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  • HVP-02 packs

    Hi to all..and firstly my profound apologies for my lack of input over the hast months.. family health matters always be obviously take precedence !!.. anyway,it's great to now have the time to get back to enjoying my recently acquired's an upgrade from my old HS7 !!..Yesi know..but well it was always on my bucket list to have the top of the range Electone.
    Anyway,my question is,I am familiar with the HS rampacks but I've very recently been given a different type of's called a FVP-O2...Best Selections..128..volume 2.(acoustic voice)...
    How do I utilise this,I've tried doing the same procedure as standard ram packs but nothing is happening..obviously?I'm doing something wrong !!...any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks for reading,;-)👍

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    Insert pack. Scroll multi-menu to the Voice Edit screen. There should be a tab called "Voice Pack". Press it. The pack's voices should appear on the screen and you can scroll through them. To assign, select voice and assign it to one of the panel voices with the dot.


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      Hi Pianissimo,many thanks for your most welcome reply.
      And ,Yep !...I've now managed to successfully install the initially looked far more difficult than it actually was...very,please p with the outcome.
      THANK YOU..:->