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About to take posession of Electone EL-87: Advice request on power supply board

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    About to take posession of Electone EL-87: Advice request on power supply board

    A question for the techies: I hope to take possession of a nice Yamaha Electone EL-87 (a slightly stripped version of the EL-90) next week here in Hong Kong. I'm sure that she is close to developing the well known problems with leaky capacitors on the power supply board, simply on the basis of age. I've looked at the EL-90 service manual. Am I correct in surmising that the PRM board is the power supply board that develops problems? If not, which is the correct board? If you have any advice for me on how to approach this repair, I would appreciate it greatly. I have some experience with electronics repair and fabrication, but getting into the organ and finding the correct board is the part that concerns me. Also, if you have suggestions on the best type of cap for replacements (beyond the fact that they will be electrolytics), I'd be grateful. Thanks, and I'll post photos of the organ once she's in house.

    Not sure what they call the board, but it's pretty obvious to spot, mounted at the top left as you look at the organ from the front. Disassembly is apparently 'fun', but I've not done it myself. My students managed it, though, and none of them are trained engineers so I guess it's common sense.

    Once the board is unplugged and removed, you can carefully check it for leaky caps and damaged tracks. Change every cap on that board and repair any damaged tracks. Also check the soldered connections near the plugs and sockets as these are prone to failure now. The values will be printed on the caps and they should be easy enough to order - I'd go for quality components, maybe someone here will be able to give you some sources.

    The good news is that, once done, that power supply should be good for another 20 years!

    I know that some members have done this work, as have some of or resident techs, so there should be plenty of advice available.
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      Nichicon UPW, Panasonic FC or FM are quality 105 degree, low impedance caps that are excellent for power supply repair.


        Many thanks, Andy and Electone! This helps a lot. I'll let you know how it goes (once I take possession next week, Lord willing!).