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Electone issues!

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  • Electone issues!

    I apologize if this info can already be found in a thread, was searching online for answers for quite awhile and I eventually figured that this would be the best place to find them!!
    I just picked up a Yamaha Electone B-5CR. It is in working condition (tested upon purchase), but since I brought it back to my house I am having issues with some sort of static/noise ‘overtaking’ the instrument’s sound. From what I gathered earlier this is most likely due to an issue with other electronics in the household, I tried unplugging everything in outlets near the outlet being used for the organ and it did help (I am actually able to produce a couple of notes, before it would simply not work) but the static still quickly cuts out the sound.
    Do you have any idea how I can solve this issue? I’m very eager to start playing!
    Note: I had a tube amplifier plugged into the same outlet earlier and the organ produced a VERY loud hum when powered on. I did notice that it has no ground pin/the amplifier does, maybe this can help identify the issue?
    Thanks, can’t wait to hear what this awesome thing sounds like!

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    The organ is coming up to maybe 45/46 years old, so expect it to have more than a few issues at this age. Crackling and static, could be the amp, could be power supply, could be tone generators. Much more likely than picking up interference from other electronics, but you never know. Power supply electrolytic capacitors might well be on the way out, and at this age might well be changed anyway.

    You'll have to troubleshoot it manually. If it was 100% OK before you moved it, you may have disturbed something, so you could start with a visual inspection to see if anything's come loose. If you're unfamiliar with electrics, then do read the Safety Thread that's at the top of most sections of the forum. The power supply has hazardous voltages present, as does the motor circuitry for the rotary speaker (if it's actually working after all this time.) Voltages in the rest of the organ are lower.

    Unless you're in a part of the world where really old organs still cost money, the value of the organ is zero, so only you can decide how much time, effort and money to invest in fixing it.

    Our usual advice is to ensure that anything you buy is 100% OK and never to buy anything that has the slightest fault - unless you are 100% certain that you can fix it yourself and that the parts are still available.

    Let us know how you get on.
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