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AT90R AT80R Can you remove the top and bottom split the organ for easier delivery?

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    AT90R AT80R Can you remove the top and bottom split the organ for easier delivery?

    Hello, I have been looking for an upgrade from my AT30R, and had some very good advice from members of this forum. Been to see an AT500 and an 80SL. Whilst the AT500 had some upgraded sounds and more flexible features it lacked in power against the smoothness of the 80SL, power of sound in upgraded speakers means a higher quality of sound, a greater depth to some and the pedals on the 80SL certainly sounded much deeper and more natural, even if the samples are a little older. Some sounds were the same, whilst others had a good improvement, certainly the extra features on the AT500 were very accessible but vast. A long time would be needed to really learn the organ and get the best out of it. So until I can afford a 900 or 800 I have also decided on just upgrading to a 80R or 90R, there are a few of the 80R around in mint condition going cheap. Not so many of the 90R.

    What I need to know is because I live in a first floor flat and both organs are very heavy, can you detach the top and bottom halves? That way I won't have trouble finding a company for delivery who are reluctant to lift such items up steps. Is this an easy job if you can, and is it just as easy to put them back together.

    Thank you

    AT80R-- Yes and must be done before moving to avoid damage.



      Thank you that helps a lot. I will look around for an 80R Model.


        Just be aware, if I haven't already told you, that there are very limited spares for the older models like the R series. Great sounding organ, though eclipsed by the SL, for which the spares situation, at least in the UK, is good.

        80R should be low cost by now.
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          And in between those two (r & sl) is the s. I have one. Has the color touch display and a more sophisticated rhythm section, in addition to a larger and improved soundset. These are all in the thousand to two thousand dollar range now (US prices). The 90 models get you "footage" tabs, which are very beneficial for organ sounds diapason, tibia, and flute (Hammond). I don't know when they switched the flute sound from Lowrey to Hammond but it may have been with the 800/900 (generation V and higher). If you play mostly orchestral and band sounds, the 80 abd 800 series is sufficient.

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