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Roland Atelier AT-90R pedal adjustment

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  • Roland Atelier AT-90R pedal adjustment

    Can anyone kindly tell me how to adjust the spring pressure on the pedals of the Roland AT-90R? I find that one pedal (lowest A) is a few mm lower than the others at the organ end, and bounces, sounding more than once if it is played staccato.

    I guess the pedal board would be very similar to the one on other AT-90 and AT-900 organs.



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    Never tried it, but I'd start at the back of the pedals, undoing the 7 screws and taking off the top panel. Any adjusting screws should be plain to see. If there are none, then adjustment must be at the organ end.
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      If you find a "bad" spring, swapping with one at the high end is always a "no parts required" available repair. Sometimes there are two hold-downs and you can shim one of them to increase the strength of the lift. If you don't figure it out, let me know. I have that same pedalboard.
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        Thanks for the suggestions. I found the answer is indeed to undo those 7 screws on the top of the box at the back of the pedals. Inside there are flat steel springs, and the adjustment is with the screws holding them down. Helpfully, someone (maybe the manufacturer) had put felt-tip pen marks showing the last setting of the screws, so it was easy to keep track of which I was adjusting. The marks were all horizontal in this picture, and I've tightened up the first and second natural by about a quarter of a turn. It was also worth going in this box to clear out the cobwebs, decayed elastic bands etc...

        Click image for larger version

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