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Esty Americana Organ F#, D key not playing

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  • Esty Americana Organ F#, D key not playing

    I have an Estey Americana Organ-theatre style enhanced spinet. It was made for a music store in Florida by the Orla Organ Company of Italy.
    I think it is about 20 years old and it has Midi Capabilities. I had it for about 4 years and plays great. Recently I noticed that on the top keyboard, The very first octave, F# key is not working. The beginning of the second octave, the D key is not working. All the rest of the keys are working. Both top and bottom keyboards have 4 octaves. When I got the organ 4 years ago the F# and D key worked.

    Would anyone know why this decided to happen and how to correct the problem?

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    Moved to Home Organs. Electronic Theatre Organs is for a different type of instrument.

    The first advice we always give is to open up the organ and check all the internal plugs and sockets. One by one, unplug, clean and reseat them.

    BUT... in this case, I think you have simple key contact issues on those two notes. I don't know what type of contacts the Orla used, but it's likely to to be a rubberised type and what's happened is that dust has got in and that stops the note from playing. I can't give you instructions for disassembly, but you'll have to open the lid, then you'll probably find that the front panel can be hanged up (usually just a couple of screws holding it in place) and then the same with the upper keyboard. This should give you access to the contacts. These are usually in a rubber strip with a small carbon contact for each note. Use a cotton bud soaked in denatured alcohol and carefully clean out the contact. That usually does the job.

    This is a very common problem with rubberised contacts in many instruments.

    It's possible that the organ uses conventional wire on wire contacts and if so, check that nothing's bent (so the contacts don't meet any more) or tarnished (clean off carefully).
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