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New Electone E-70 - Excitement and Problem Solving

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  • New Electone E-70 - Excitement and Problem Solving

    Hello, I've just picked up an Electone E-70, and am very excited about it, and having a great time reading through this forum. I have a couple questions for the group:

    1) The previous owner said it took several minutes to warm up before it would produce any sound. We're apparently beyond that point now. It never produces sound from the keyboards. But, if I turn on the drum machine, and carefully hold the power switch, it will produce drum sounds for a few seconds. It does power up, all the annunciator lights work, and the horn does spin. Has anyone experienced this, and solved the problem? Bad power switch? Bad capacitors?

    2) Does anyone have a service manual. I can't find one in the usual places (eBay, Google).


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    I don't believe the E-70 has a "horn" that spins. It is likely a rotating drum in front of a speaker, but I'm not even sure it has that. I seem to recall that all the Yamaha's of that generation had electronic tremolos. EX-1, EX-2, etc.

    Send me a PM with your e-mail - I have a digital copy of the E-70 service manual in PDF format I can send you.
    Regards, Larry

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      It's a styrene drum tremolo in the E70, IIRC. A clone leslie (someone reported earlier today that their same series Yamaha had a tag on saying it was a genuine Leslie. The EX models were a later generation of Yamahas, yes electronic trem in them.

      The E70 is solid state and should not need to 'warm up'. I'd be thinking power supply issues, so once you've got the schematics, check all the voltages that should be present. We're regularly finding later Yamahas (HS and EL series) that are needing a full recap of the power supply (and often repairs to circuit tracks where the caps have leaked) so I have a feeling that's where you'll be starting.
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