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Best Soprano Sax on any Organ

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  • Best Soprano Sax on any Organ

    I know this is a bit of a randon question. Which organ had the best soprano saxaphone sound you have ever heard.

    My answer may sound odd to some. I did have a GEM Sapphire organ till I took it apart last year after it stopped working. It definitely had the best soprano sax I have heard.

    Today I tried an Wersi OAS instrument. I was hoping it was going to sound good. Overall the organ does have some good sounds. However, as many other organs its Soprano Sax sound didnt convince me.

    I heard Tony Stace once say that the whistle sound on his HX1 was the best whistle he had ever heard. Its interesting that some sounds of the past cant be matched by modern instruments.

    So what say you about the Soprano sax?

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    After having my first encounter with an OAS instrument I can definitely say that there is nothing great about the Soprano Sax on that. Best sax sound on OAS that I discovered amongst the myriad of choices was the Tenor sax which was very authentic and the Sax Ensemble which was also good. Alto and rest of em were not much cop imho.


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      Herbert, I agree with you, the sax sounds on OAX aren’t great - I am struggling to find a good one. It is probably the only sound that got a negative comment on one of my YouTube videos, primarily saying it was weak, and to be honest, hard to argue with, as I agree.

      I once downloaded a sax sample and loaded into OAS when I had my Verona, and that sounded ok, but can’t remember where I got it from, or if it would work in OAX.

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        The Roland's isn't bad, but the best bunch of soprano saxes I've found have been in the Yamaha Tyros 5 and Genos. Those same saxes might have made it across to the latest versions of the Stagea organs.
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          I don't know ... perhaps not in the spirit of this thread, but ... I've heard so many real sax players ... even an average player can bend a note more ways than is polite to mention on a family friendly forum, so unless we are talking about a MIDI workstation with a pitchbend control, then the one sound I would NOT expect to sound authentic on any kind of 'organ' would be sax.