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Roland 900

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  • Roland 900

    Hi All

    What’s the difference between the Roland 900 artiste edition and the platinum please.

    If the artiste edition had the software upgrade done on it would it be equivalent to the platinum

    Finally is there much difference in the cabinetry of the artiste edition to the platinum and is the sound system on both better than the 900c


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    1) Artiste added lots of factory presets to the original 900 and little (if anything) else, to try to make the instrument more appealing to the potential Lowrey owning buyers who want/need everything set up for them most/all of the time.

    2) Platinum was the big upgrade. Added a shedload more voices, including 26 more Articulation Voices (renamed as 'Supernatural' - I'm guessing Yamaha took exception to 'Articulation) and the ability to put those voices into other divisions than the upper Solo section. Improvements to other voices, new rhythm styles, upgraded operating system, enhanced options when adding additional speakers for reverb and 'surround sound'.

    So yes, an upgraded Artiste would become a Platinum, but it's an academic point as no more upgrade kits are available.

    Yes, there are differences in the cabinet but not major, top panel is different and the music desk is wider (handy for those long multi-page arrangements!)

    All 900 consoles have the same sound systems but the 900C does not. It's good, but put them side by side and you'll hear the difference right away.
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      Thanks Andy for the info

      Just need to find a platinum now!