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Roland 900 Display Problem

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  • Roland 900 Display Problem

    I am a new member and this is my first post. The Main Display screen on my AT 900 is "locking up". In other words it is not responding to any finger touch. I did a factory reset initially and the problem was corrected for a few days and then the "lock out" started again. One technician via phone said it was software problem, but a more experienced technician who is arriving Monday says it is a hardware problem. Has anyone experienced this problem? Can update thread after diagnosis on Monday. Thanks for your interest.

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    Did you try to recalibrate your Touch Screen? From the MAIN SCREEN hit SYSTEM/UTILITIES/TOUCH SCREEN. You will get a Blue Screen with a lot of small white dots. The corners will have larger White that appear in the corner. Touch one and another will appear in another cornner. Continue with all 4 corners and the screen will return to the SYSTEM SCREEN. Touch EXIT and you will return to the MAIN Screen. Your display will now be calibrated and hopefully works fine.

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      Thank you for your suggestion. The technician arrived and at first the display screen worked after me leaving it dormant for a week. Then the screen locked up for the technician. They dismantled the top and front of the organ to reveal the circuit boards. They removed a connector from LCD display to the circuit board. There is a thin sleeve that covers the connector and they repositioned the sleeve and connector and refastened the connector to the circuit board. Thankfully it worked. I have been testing the display screen every day for a month and it continues to respond. Technician says if this fails again I probably need to replace the entire LCD kit. The cost is around $400. Again, thanks for your response.