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Using VST with Roland 900C

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  • Using VST with Roland 900C

    Hi All

    Does anybody know if you can incorporate vst plug ins like Steinberg absolute 3 onto a Roland 900C and use the voices on the organ, storing them in presets on the organ to use live with different settings



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    It will work, but you have little control over the voices from the organ. When it comes to selecting voices on an external sound source, the Roland transmits Programme Changes 1 -12 and nothing else. If you can store your VST's sounds into Multis (or whatever Steinberg call combinations of voices on multiple channels these days) and have the VST call them up by responding to P.Change 1-12 then you're in business. You can match what the VST does with what's set up (if anything) on the organ.

    This is an area where the German organs like Wersi and Bohm excel. They can jump through hoops. Hoops that some (many?) players neither need nor understand, but they jump through them nonetheless!
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