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Yamaha B-5CR

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  • Yamaha B-5CR

    I bought this organ and am new to organs. How do I lower the volume so the neighbors do not complain? I turned the volume on the right down. I suspect it involves the peddle some how. Please help.

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    Welcome to Organ Forum. Let's see what we can do to help, if we can.

    1) the large pedal is the volume, or expression, pedal. Push forward for loud, pull back for soft.
    2) there is a master volume control inside on the amp chassis but you shouldn't need to touch this - and there are lethal voltages nearby so you might not want to!
    3) if the big pedal isn't working, that's a fault - exactly what is hard to say
    4) you should find a headphones socket on it somewhere under the keyboards (right hand side?) but you'll need to make up a mono to stereo adaptor lead as the socket is mono and stereo headphones won't work properly. A few $ worth of parts and a few minutes with a soldering iron is all it takes. Plug them in and you can play as loud as you like without the neighbours hearing you as it will cut the speakers.

    If you have a faulty organ then you have something of a dilemma. The organ is almost 50 years old and its true market value is zero, so to be blunt it's just not worth spending much money at all on it, sorry. You might get away with a very cheap fix, a faulty volume pedal might just be a blown light bulb inside, for example. But if the fix is going to be more costly - and if you cannot fix it yourself - then the fix will cost more than the organ's value. At some point you may have a tough decision to make.
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