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New to me Roland Atelier 90s

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  • New to me Roland Atelier 90s

    Hello Organ Forum members,
    I purchased a Roland Atelier 90s and am quite pleased with the sound and build of this amazing organ. It is more organ than I need but life is short and I wanted a better organ than my Lowrey Fiesta, no comparison. I am experiencing a problem with the expression pedal; the sound sometimes goes lower when I depress it and some times lowers even when no pedal or volume slider are used ??? What to look for? If it is the expression pedal, I still have the Lowrey, can the expression pedals be exchanged?
    I have enjoyed this forum a great deal.
    Thank you,

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    Hi, The problem is almost certainly the potentiometer in the expression pedal. This is quite easy to change. The potentiometer is 10 K ohm. I suggest you squirt a good quality contact cleaner into the pot'r first. It will probably fix the problem for a short time. The problem with mine was that the carbon track had become pitted. Be sure that you get and exact replacement. The shaft of the pot is a little less that the standard 1/4 inch. The shaft length must also be the same at 1/2" to enable correct alignment. The shaft must also have a flat on the diameter to fit into the bushing. Hope this helps


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      HI, Yes I have just purchased an AT80SL at long distance ( about 300 miles ) the dealer is trying to arrange a local technician based in the London area to have a look ( about 80 miles ) but it all takes time so I hoped a clean may sort it out first, but how to access the units a mystery. Many thanks to lesterino for his remarks but how do you get to the offending part, from the back,front or even underneath the organ and where can you buy the carbon track from if needed ?
      I would be very grateful if Lesterino reads this and can give us a little more info.

      My symptoms are not exactly the same, I get a sudden burst of volume while playing which does not last more than half a second but can be frequent, to test I moved the main volume slider to zero, moved the expression to maximum and while holding down a key slowly moved the slider forward, sound only started to be heard after reaching 3/4 way of the main volume control which to me did not seem to be right.


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        I have now had my Roland at 90s for a few months and love it, I have worked around the first problem and now I have a question about the bagpipe sound. Mine sounds like a duck call, any advise would be appreciated.
        I enjoy this forum so thanks in advance.


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          The thing about getting a good bagpipe sound is that it's not just to do with the voice itself, but more to do with how you play the sound. The drone goes on the lower manual and the notes you need to play are an octave A. The drone always starts before the chanter so if you want to get that characteristic slide up as the piper(s) starts to play you can use the pitch bend lever. The melody is on the upper and I tend to mix the bagpipe with the Uilleann pipes for this, with some chorus - not sure if the 90S has that voice. Plenty of grace notes and you effectively play in D, with a range of A to A. (That's not technically correct, and you can read up all about the true pitch of highland pipes and the key they play in on the net!).

          In the past, I've used all sorts of odd voices to get the pipes sound, including Oboe and synth voices! Experiment and you may find something that works really well.

          You can hear a rough and ready version of the pipes at the start of this track:

          The track is a verse or two too long and the pipes are out of balance (melody too loud) but in mitigation, I should point out that this was a New Year's Eve challenge, started very late on 31st December and just coming in before the midnight deadline. And I was already a couple of double scotches into the celebrations by then! :D
          It's not what you play. It's not how you play. It's the fact that you're playing that counts.

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            You know what they say, the definition of a gentleman is one who can play the bagpipes ... but doesn't.

            And there's the old joke: What's the difference between an onion and the bagpipes? People cry when you cut an onion in half.