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EL900 Project in house...symptoms for your consideration

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  • EL900 Project in house...symptoms for your consideration

    To all the Electone whizzes: I just picked up an Electone EL900 for free (!). Physical condition is excellent. Both keyboards will play voices 1 and 2, but lead voices, pedal voices, reverb, percussion, and rhythm don't sound. Sound comes only from the left side speakers (all three). Horizontal touch is not functioning. With headphones plugged in and volume up all the way, I again get sound only on the left, and I can just barely hear the pedal voices. Any wisdom that anyone can offer will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    1) check the power supply and amp board. As you may already know they are becoming problematical, with failing and leaking e-caps. Look for track damage and poor connections. Replace and repair as necessary, in fact it's 100% certain that you will need to do a re-cap at some point, so now might not be a bad time.
    2) unplug, clean and reseat all internal connectors

    See what you have then.

    The 'left only' thing may be power supply or a failed amp, but I've come across two cases of students' Yamaha Clavinovas where the right side went dead. Both turned out to be main board failure. Even with the 'board exchange' policy that Yamaha UK were operating at the time, it was an expensive fix, albeit a simple one - just swap the boards over.
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      Thanks, Andy. As soon as I get a manual so I understand the circuits I'll proceed as per your suggestions. The fact that I hear the missing sounds faintly at max volume has me hopeful that it may just be a connection issue as you noted. I have some experience now from fixing an EL87 with the power supply and main amp board. Hoping it's not main board failure, as that will essentially mean no fix is possible for this EL900. Time will tell...


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        Update on troubleshooting: First, I have verified that the organ functions perfectly as a MIDI controller. MIDI out driving GarageBand shows that both manuals and all pedals are functional. Further, initial, after, and horizontal touch all work! Thus the organ can at least be used as a capable MIDI controller. Not bad for a free controller.

        Back to attempting to diagnose what doesn't work: the amplifier board checks out fine. No leaky caps. Further, signals input through AUX IN are amplified and played through both left and right speaker sections, which again confirms that the amplifier board is fine. All indications are that the problem is further upstream--either on the DM board or on section that sends signal to the DM board. I removed the upper manual (quite difficult), and then removed the daughter boards on the DM board and then the shield over the DM board. The DM board is a highly dense board with scads of digital and analog IC's. No evidence of physical damage. I checked and reseated all connectors. I found one loose, and reseated it, and then reassembled the organ. Sadly, there was no change in the symptoms.

        If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. Thanks!