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  • Old Guy - New Owner

    Hi Guys,

    Just had a Technics SX-EX70 GIVEN to me - it looks amazing in my living room. Have downloaded the full owner's manual - including the MIDI supplement so I'm good to go!

    Started with a VERY basic Hammond 40 odd years ago and have owned various Technics, Yamaha (now have the Tyros 3) keyboards + Yamaha, Korg & Roland synths (still have the U220 module!)

    Can't play any of 'em but I try! :->:D;)

    Still got tutorial pages from 'Keyboard Player' 1991/2/3 - museum pieces now maybe?

    Tezzaman (Terry)

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    Welcome to the group Terry, I'm sure you'll have some fun with the Technics.

    I have almost every copy of Keyboard Player from the late 1980s 1990 to when the magazine folded in 2011. (I even have the one that never made it to the shops at that time!)You can't escape my articles if you have them! :D
    It's not what you play. It's not how you play. It's the fact that you're playing that counts.

    New website now live -

    Current instruments: Roland Atelier AT900 Platinum Edition, Yamaha Genos, Yamaha PSR-S970, Kawai K1m
    Retired Organs: Lots! Kawai SR6 x 2, Hammond L122, T402, T500 x 2, X5. Conn Martinique and 652. Gulbransen 2102 Pacemaker. Kimball Temptation.
    Retired Leslies, 147, 145 x 2, 760 x 2, 710, 415 x 2.
    Retired synths: Korg 700, Roland SH1000, Jen Superstringer, Kawai S100F, Kawai S100P, Kawai K1


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      Welcome Terry I’m teaching a student to play organ on a sxu40 technics, and have played the sxu90 and ex35 all great instruments of their day
      Have owned more instruments in the last fourty years than I can count on my fingers AND toes.


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        G'day, mate!

        Keep trying, don't ever give up. Half an hour a day six days a week and you'll be a maestro in 7 years.


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          EX-70 + U-220 will be a nice combo. Basic MIDI spec on the Technics, but the RS-PCM samples on that Roland module still sound awesome today.

          Welcome to the forum.