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ATUP-EX Update Question and Thank You

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  • ATUP-EX Update Question and Thank You

    Greetings all!

    This is my first post. Somewhat to my wife's dismay, I recently decided to buy a Roland AT 900C. According to the person I bought it from, unfortunately his Mom only played it several months before passing away, and then it sat for several years at his house without being actively played. Even the bass and volume pedals look brand new- like they just came out of the box.

    I had 2 Ateliers in the past (AT 80 and AT 80s), but after playing arranger keyboards for the last 7 years I started watching to see when a good deal came up on a 900 series. When the opportunity came up to buy this organ, I read all the posts on this forum, so first I'd like to thank all of you for sharing all your insights and posts. Also, a special thank you to Robert G who quickly sent me the ATUP-EX compatibility program, and Andy G for sharing his deep insight on so many Atelier posts (and creating one of the best early Genos videos!).

    I do have a question before taking the plunge to update with ATUP-EX. Does this update REMOVE any functionality from the 900C? I read through the ATUP-EX user guide and it doesn't appear anything (except renaming of supernatural voices) is taken away. Specifically, I wanted to make sure after the update that can I still play in "S-Series" mode where I have 8 rhythm fills vs 4? That is one of several advantages I have enjoyed playing this organ vs the arranger keyboards I have, and I would hate to lose it.

    By the way, one thing I enjoy is having Roland Integra 7 connected to the 900c. With some help from Roland I was able to set it up fairly seamlessly when I play, giving another 6000 sounds and many more acoustic supernatural sounds. I like to change settings on the fly when playing live, and there were a few tricks I was able to uncover setting up registrations to trigger the patch settings, and easily move the Integra sounds from lower to upper keyboard. If anyone has interest in that area, please let me know and I would be happy to share some of the tips I uncovered during set up.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Welcome to the forum, Mike.

    I think we're edging ever closer to the point where EVERYBODY on here has a 900. Except me. :-(


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      Welcome to the forum's happy band of 900 owners!

      I'll add your query to the list of things I'll be asking Chris Powell when I see him next weekend. I'll let you know in due course.

      How did you get the AT900 to trigger patch settings. All we've been able to do so far is get pistons 1 through 12 to send programme changes 1 through 12. And then sort out corresponding patches on the receiving instrument.
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        Hi Andy,

        Thanks for your help! Quick question- on your Platinum, when you select Rhythm from the main screen, then select the
        “file cabinet” icon, and Options, does it allow you to select “S-Series” as an alternative to “Original”? If so I’m thinking the update should be ok and also still allow for both settings.

        Regarding the Integra,it can be a bit confusing when first setting it up since you can trigger from a piston either one of the “sets” of 16 sounds or an individual patch. The former is better for those who like to customize their patches and effects on instruments, but for me the sounds are pretty good as is (except perhaps for adding some reverb which is easy to address in patch mode). The Integra patch list manual has all the info to trigger either. I’m on the road this week but when I get back home I’ll start a new thread with exactly how I set it up as well as a few “tricks” I learned that make it fairly easy to play live on the fly incorporating both the at900 and Integra.

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        Originally posted by seamaster View Post
        Welcome to the forum, Mike.

        I think we're edging ever closer to the point where EVERYBODY on here has a 900. Except me. :-(

        Thank you for the warm welcome Seamaster! I know that your day will soon come too! I just got lucky. I haven’t seen many 900s come up for sale around here. I think I read a post from you a while ago about how the 800’s can also be a good deal and I was watching a couple of them. Fortunately the 900 came on the market and I was able to get is for less than the 800 since it was a private sale vs dealer.