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Yamaha El-500 Speaker Problem

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  • Yamaha El-500 Speaker Problem

    Having trouble with my el 500, The right side speaker sound quiet and distorted however whenever i adjust the master volume it regain loudness and sound quality which is im like toying with the volume to fix the right side speaker, it seems like grounded because when i adjust the master volume distortion comes in. Recently i remove tge cover of the master volume and found a capacitor like a small tube whenever i push or move it it creates a buzzing sound on the right speaker. Sorry for my english

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    Sounds like a speaker relay issue. Tap the speaker relay on the output board. They can be desoldered, opened and cleaned, but it's better to replace them.


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      Have you cleaned the volume control?



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        Hi Felix. Let me suggest another possible scenario and possible solution. Electones of this age are prone to the drying and decay of speaker cone foam surrounds. (See the enclosed photo).Click image for larger version

Name:	CrackedFoam.JPG
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ID:	605964This condition causes a volume drop and gives a thin sound (especially since it is usually the bass woofers that develop this problem). The buzzing that you are hearing when you touch the volume potentiometer is probably not a bad capacitor or resistor, but simply AC hum that the circuit picks up from your finger. Check the speaker by pulling off the cloth grill (it is held on with Velcro). Take your time; the Velcro that Yamaha uses is VERY tenacious, but it will let go if you are patient. If the speakers evidence the problem I'm describing here, you can remove them from the organ, carefully scrape off the remaining dried foam, and then glue on new foam rims with UHU or Duco cement. These speaker repair parts are easy to find online, and the cost is far less than for new speakers. It's not difficult to do, and the results will be speakers that sound and behave like new. If one woofer has developed the problem, it's best to repair both, as the other will develop it soon.


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          uhmm sounds like it is not the speaker cone issue because whenever i change speakers uaing the left side and try it on the right side same result still low volume coming from the right side