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Style thumb drives for Roland BK-7m work on Atelier?

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  • Style thumb drives for Roland BK-7m work on Atelier?

    There's an ~$22 thumb drive listed on eBay claiming to contain thousands of unique styles for the Roland BK-7m, in .STL format. Is that what the Atelier uses? Has anyone tried one on an AT-900?
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    Style discs (And now USBs) with thousands of styles have been around for ages for all manufactures instruments, however, most are just poorly converted styles from other manufactures instruments as well as a stack of the same style with just minor modifications, so all you will end up with in the end is one or two styles out of the thousands that will suit what you want, so they are best avoided. (Pay the extra and stick with reputable style manufactures if you really want more styles, or just create your own from what you already have)



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      I concur. A $5 thumb drive (or cheaper!), a few moments to copy across the styles and a $17 profit. And usually a disappointed customer for the reasons Bill mentions.

      There is a collection out there called Roland Gigastyles. Not cheap and poorly indexed - the styles all have numbers, and there are Excel spreadsheets to tell you which number is which style. I have this collection but rarely use it. If I had more time - make that MUCH more time - I'd start renaming the ones that interest me and saving them onto a new thumb drive.

      I also have EMC Styleworks style conversion software. So I can take just about any style and convert it for the AT900. Does it work? Technically, yes it does, but the results out of the box are OK but not spectacular. Some further time needs to be spent rebalancing and revoicing the styles to sound good.

      So, yes, pay for the quality brands - there are lots of 'song specific' styles out there, for example and they are great, albeit just for the one song - or edit and tweak the ones in the Roland. I don't find this particularly user friendly on the AT900 but there again, I probably would do if I used the feature a bit more.
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