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Lowery Celebration 600 XL Question

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  • Lowery Celebration 600 XL Question

    Just got this. On upper manual, the low "C" and second "B" only work when you tap them a bit.
    Dirty contact? How do I clean them and with what?

    Also, I did not get the 2nd manual with it, I want to know how to access the Genius sounds and possibly hook up a synth module. Where can I get this 2nd manual?

    Mine is called Celebration LX 500 or 600 Owners Manual and is black and red.
    Any suggestions welcomed

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Cleaning the rubber key contacts is simple, you use a Q-Tip and a little denatured alcohol. Dismantling a far chunk of the organ to get to the key contacts, that's the fun part. Discussed in some depth on the Lowrey Forum a while back. I can't find the thread or I'd give you a link, but it may have been discussed on here as well. Exercising the contacts works for older organs but not for newer instruments that use this type of contact (which is most of them). The LX series did suffer from this quite a bit, I'm told, as did the NT series before them and the Kawai organs of that era (Lowrey are built from Kawai parts, of course). Most people wait until a few more notes stop working (and they surely will!) or until a really important note stops working before cleaning contacts. If the contacts have failed, replacements may not be available. The contacts often come in short strips of maybe an octave and it's sometimes necessary to swap the dead contacts into a part of the keyboards that isn't used much.

    Here's a link to the Lowrey Forum. If you ask there, someone may have a copy of the second manual. FWIW, the Genius voices will be accessed via the keypad, but it's well over 20 years since I played an LX model that I can't remember how exactly.

    MIDI is basic on the organ. You can certainly drive a synth module via MIDI, but selecting sounds from the organ and controlling it properly will be beyond the organ's capabilities.
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