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My new Yamaha E50

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  • My new Yamaha E50

    I will never move another big organ again. The Roll Cart is a great tool but the whole ordeal was a bit nerve racking. I almost chickened out but the organ was worth the trip.

    The E50 looks almost new. So far everything seems to be working properly. It came with the original instruction manuals and a service manual. I think it is a 1979 model.

    When I got there I thought the organ had problems. It was acting weird until I got everything turned off. Lots of little hands had been flipping switches. I did not know that up is the off position with a lever stop. Up is also the off position for all those sliders as well.

    We couldn't figure out how to tighten the Roll Cart straps so we used ratchet straps instead. We used sleeping bags as a cover. Luckily I had brought rope so we still had a way to tie the organ down in the truck.

    Three hours later we were home and the organ looks great in our living room.

    My organ search is over so now its on to finding a portable digital piano.

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    Congratulations on the successful organ acquisition, and move ! I knew you could do it. Yes, big Yamaha's are heavy and some work to move; that is because they have so much Stuff inside them !

    I have my own set of Roll Or Kari dollies, and never use the strap system they come with either. Way too much putzing around when ratchet straps are so easy !

    Some photos of your new ( to you ) organ would be cool to see.
    Regards, Larry

    At Home : Yamaha Electones : EX-42 ( X 3 !!! ), E-5AR, FX-1 ( X 2 !! ), US-1, EL-25 ( Chopped ). Allen 601D, ADC 6000D. Lowrey CH32-1. At Churches I play for : Allen Q325 ( with Vista ), Allen L123 ( with Navigator ). Rodgers 755. 1919 Wangerin 2/7 pipe organ.


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      Click image for larger version

Name:	Electone organ.jpg
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      Here it is just after we got it in place.


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        Since I've had my E50 I've figured out how to get a pleasing sound. I like that you can mix the Flute and Orchestral voices with sliders. I also like having a reed as a pedal stop which was something I've never had on any previous organ.

        My church playing background has been rural Baptist and I've got this organ actually sounding better than the church organs I used to play. This would even be good in my non-liturgical Reformed church.

        What I'd like to know is if I can come up with registrations suitable for works like the Eight Little Preludes. If anybody has any ideas I'd like to hear them.

        Another good feature is that this one is cat proof. There is a box surrounding the swell shoe to keep cats out.