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YAMAHA CHX-1 Saving the 16 registrations by using the red Memory to pack button

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  • YAMAHA CHX-1 Saving the 16 registrations by using the red Memory to pack button

    1. Is there anywhere I can get a Schematic for the YAMAHA CHX-1

    2. I figured out how to save registrations by using the red Memory to pack button and it saves the presets. My question is how can I save the 16 registrations to a floppy? Do I need the YAMAHA RP-5 RAM PACK 32KB RP5? If so they are for sale on Ebay Or do I save to a floppy? On the MDR-2 (floppy disk drive) unit. If so how is this done?

    3. In the amp section in the back of the CHX the 2 on and off switches do you leave them on or off?

    4. Can I midi my Tyros 4 to the CHX? I heard that Yamaha midi is not the same as the general midi of today?

    5. Do you know off hand if the expression pedal Printed Circuit board is under the lower manual is side the CHX? Or under the pedals the 2 PC boards that live underneath the pedals. I have the service manuals but is states nothing of the pedal assembly or there is not Schematics to show the Circuits? So I can't trouble shoot the expression pedal issue...

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    1) You can ask for schematics in the dedicated section of the forum.

    2) You definitely can save and load registrations using the floppy drive. Exactly how, I can't tell you, but one of my former students has been using HX1 for concerts for the past 20 years and he always uses disks. He's worn out a few HX's and disk drives in that time! :D Just a thought, on the later EL series, you save by selecting a track using the disk drive controls and then holding the red memory button while pressing Play on the disk drive. Loading the registrations in is done by selecting the track and pressing Play.

    4) Yes, but you'd have to check through the MIDI implementation chart to find out just what the HX1 sends out, and on what channels. It will be possible to make the channels match up, using the flexibility of the Tyros 4. Typically you'd match the upper manual to drive voice R1, and the lower manual to drive the autochord functions of the keyboard. The 'fun' bit is making the organ select sounds on the keyboard. What you normally end up doing is setting up the first 8 presets on the organ to match the 8 presets on the keyboard. So you load in 'matching' registrations on both instruments, then use buttons 1-8 on the organ to control buttons 1 to 8 on the keyboard.

    5) You've already asked this elsewhere on the forum, and as yet no-one seems to know. You may have to simply disassemble to find out.
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