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Hammond XH-200 Bench Problem

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  • Hammond XH-200 Bench Problem

    Hello, have been playing my Hammond XH-200 for a few weeks, love the organ but I am finding that whilst the keyboards are level with the my arms, I am straining just a fraction when trying to reach the pedals.

    I think the organ is a bit higher than normal organs, as I have played others and can reach the pedals comfortably. It is a shame the bench is not adjustable, in fact why is it you never see adjustable organ benches, well, maybe one or two but at eye watering prices.

    That brings me to another point, the bench for XH-200 is padded which is a real bonus, but why is you never see padded benches for classical organs. Have sat on a few and I do not half ache when finishing playing a piece. Wouldn't have had a problem when I was younger.

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    The bench is at a 'standard' height, but it obviously is a compromise and can't suit every player. I like to be a little higher than most players. If a bench is too low for me, then it's my back and shoulders that start to complain pretty quickly. Adjustable benches are the answer, of course but as you say, they come at a high price as there's such a small demand for them.

    I prefer padded benches too but when I came into the business they were a rarity. Then higher end organs started to have padded benches, followed by some bigger spinets. Kawais had them, albeit with not much padding, from the mid 1970s. I even had to get a couple of my Hammond benches upholstered by my ever helpful brother! Although I can practice for hours on the Roland with its padded bench, I did a long concert on Hammond X-66 last year and really noticed the difference on the back of my legs!

    But classical and theatre organs? Good question! I'm struggling to think if I've ever played one that had a padded bench. Maybe it was/is thought that a padded top is likely to get ripped? I think the Howard Seats are padded but I've only come across a few and, where there has been an option to have a standard bench instead, I've asked for that. And a few church organs have had blankets on, which softened the blow, so to speak.
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