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Suggestions on Repairing a Lowrey Teenie Genoe

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  • Suggestions on Repairing a Lowrey Teenie Genoe

    This is my first post. I've read all the comments about the futility of a repair on a Teenie Genie but I'm asking anyway because this silly thing has sentimental value.

    The organ powers on but won't play. The 4 rhythm options make their appropriate sounds buy nothing else works.

    Any suggestions on how to find an easy fix?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    OK, you can't put a price on sentimental value! :) I'm assuming that you know how to use the organ and have pressed some voice tabs etc. Don't laugh, we have had people tell us that the organ doesn't make a sound and we've found that they haven't selected any voices on it.

    Easy fix? If it powers on and you can hear the rhythms then we know that the amplifier is working and that the power supply is putting out at least some of its required voltages. Let's do the simplest thing first. Open it up and look for every plug and socket connector that you can find. Unplug and reconnect them all, one at a time. See if that makes any difference - it might. Now look on the circuit boards for any ICs (chips) that look like they might have come loose from their sockets. If you see any, push them gently into place. That's the easy bit.

    If none of this works then you're into deeper troubleshooting and you'll need 1) schematics and the skills to read them 2) some basic electronics tools (multimeter, soldering iron etc) and the skills to use them 3) parts to replace any that have failed

    It's impossible to diagnose at a distance, but I'd guess that either the tone generator has failed, or isn't getting the right power from the power supply, or something in the audio chain from the tone generator has failed.

    Be aware that if there are any custom parts, like ICs, in the organ that have failed, that is probably terminal, unless you can find another working Teenie Genie to cannibalise - in which case you may just as well play that one instead of yours. There comes a point where even a top of the line oldie can become irreparable. Let's hope that yours isn't there yet.
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      Hello and welcome to the Forum.

      Andy knows the Lowreys better than most and he has started you off with his customary excellent advice. Just one thing:


      There are lethal voltages in the mechanics even with the power switched off. Wear a pair of rubber gloves and shoes with rubber soles, just in case. Better be safe than OOOPS!!

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