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Why do I get infinite sustain on my EL-900 if I run a rhythm and use an organ voice?

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  • Why do I get infinite sustain on my EL-900 if I run a rhythm and use an organ voice?

    :-P When using any organ voice and any rhythm, notes played on the lower manual have infinite sustain (i.e. whatever note or chord I play last persists indefinitely until I halt the rhythm). Is this normal? Is there a way to prevent it, or is this something to do with the fact that organ voices do not fade? This only happens with organ voices. Any help from you Electone experts would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    UPDATE: It seems to only occur when I have BeeSoftware's Classical Organ Showcase loaded. Could it be that Bee has programmed the organ to hold each note until the next cancels it? That would indeed give a fuller sound. (Forgive me if I sound ignorant--I am!) :P


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      Does the auto section in the EL have a 'memory' feature when using autochord? Most organs did, as it allowed players to move from chord to chord without the accompaniment cutting out and many would have held whatever sounds were active on the lower manual as well as the rhythmic parts. If so, the software may have enabled this.

      Or perhaps he's programmed the Classical Organ Showcase with some form of 'lower hold', thinking that players aren't going to use rhythm with classical organ?
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        Hi Andy--thanks for responding. I think your suspicions are probably correct. I'm not adept enough at programming or understanding accompaniment functions yet to figure out the details. In any case, if the BeeSoftware isn't loaded, the problem goes away.


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          Why don’t you have a word with John Beesley? There’s a Contact button on his website
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            Thanks, that's an excellent idea!