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Electone E50 pedal question

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  • Electone E50 pedal question

    I've had my E50 since August. I'm still learning what all the stuff on it is for. My earlier Conn and Gulbransen are like stripped base models compared to my E50.

    So far I've had no trouble with it except for the pedal contacts. All the pedals work but I can't seen to get the contacts right. The D,E and F in the upper octave don't work. They work if I press the tabs with the pedalboard removed. Any ideas about how to align the contacts properly? Bend up? Bend down?

    I consider myself fortunate that my 1979 model organ still works so well. I've been able to get decent sound out of it and I like the feel of the keys. I really like the Vibrato feature where you can control the delay and depth of the vibrato. Mine had all the paperwork, instruction manuals and even a Yamaha service manual with it.

    I paid $200 for it which I guess is too much in today's world. So far it's been worth every penny.

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    Organ sitting on carpet? That can affect the pedal travel on certain notes as the carpet compresses or not. Solution is to place a 1/4" shim under each end of the organ.

    $200 is high for a 1979 organ in a way but the E50 and E70 have found favour with people who 'hack' them into double keyboard synths. That's kept prices higher than you might expect. As long as you're happy - ie 'worth every penny' - that's all that matters.
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      A good number of times with those 25 note Yamaha pedalboards, the problem with intermittent pedal contacts is the spring screws on the back end. What happens is that over the years they loosen up some. Not enough to visibly see any of the pedals hanging lower than the others, but enough to cause the actuators to depress one of the two pedal contact wires. And that messes up the high note priority circuitry.

      This problem is usually more evident on organs that have been played a Lot, or by someone who tends to really stomp out pedal lines.

      If this is your problem, you just need to take the pedalboard out, take the rear cover piece off, and tighten the screws up again. I think they are 10mm hex on one side, and Phillips on the other. You should not need to bend any of the actuator tabs.

      Even if it turns out not to be the problem, it is good to tighten them up anyhow, as the pedalboard will play much nicer.
      Regards, Larry

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