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Gem H7000

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  • Gem H7000

    I have a Gem H7000 and can find no information on it, it was my daughter's who left home several Years ago and doesn't want it. Can anyone tell me anything about them please

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    The Gem 7000 dates from 1981. Made in Italy by General Electro Music, AKA Gem. It was the top model in their home organ range at the time. It had a big specification and the sound was pretty reasonable too. It was a popular model and sold very well in the UK, but I think that was in part due to heavy price cutting on all Gem models by one particular chain of music stores - who subsequently went under! I think it would have sold just as well at a higher price! As with all Italian organs from that era and before, build quality and reliability were perhaps a little suspect but by 1981 the leading Italian makes had got a grip on that!

    If you're wondering about the value, it's around zero, that's just the state of the market. Hundreds of organs out there, few buyers, so if you can sell it for a few $ or £, depending on where you are, then you'll be doing well.
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