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The Left half of the Upper Keyboard just went silent on my Lowrey Promenade LX 400

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  • The Left half of the Upper Keyboard just went silent on my Lowrey Promenade LX 400

    I have a beautiful Lowrey Promenade LX 400 [Oct.1996] in great condition and so fun to play, but all the keys below G#3 in the upper keyboard recently went silent.

    I took off the back panel, and switched the keyboard ribbon connectors, and still have the same problem, so I know it's the upper keyboard— not the motherboard— since the bottom keyboard works fine in either port.

    Does anyone know what the problem might be, or how hard it would be for me to remove the upper keyboard? Would I need any special, made-for-the-trade tools?

    I actually have a repairman who will look at it, but he isn't scheduled yet, and can't come until after Thanksgiving :-/

    Also, does anyone have a Service Manual for the Lowrey Promenade LX 400 they might want to sell?

    Thanks a lot!

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    There is probably a connector for each half of the upper keyboard -- that would be a typical arrangement. I don't know your console so will wait for others to offer specific advice about accessing the underside of the keyboard. Do you have a cat? Seriously, they are quite good at climbing through expression pedal openings and playing and tugging at anything that looks like fun. If it's not a dislocated connector then it is probably best to wait for either the serviceman. If the console is unplugged and you use some ordinary caution you will likely figure out what to do to allow the keyboards to hinge upwards. The chance of doing any harm that cannot be fixed is minimal.


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      Thanks for your suggestions, and for getting back with me right away. Nope, no cat.
      I suspected it might be a connection for that half of the keyboard, but I have no idea whether to I can get to the port where it's plugged in, and whether I would access it from the back, or from the front underneath the keyboards.


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        Lowreys can be a bit of a pain to disassemble! :( If you have a look on the Lowrey Forum - - I'm sure there have been 'tutorials' for this sort of thing.
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