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  • Thinking of buying a Lowrey

    I am looking at buying my first Lowrey Organ. I have a Wersi right now, Rogers before that.
    Do you know of any other Lowrey owners in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho area?
    I have had a hard time finding any information on the Lowrey organs.

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    I've moved your post to a new thread.

    Firstly, are you aware that Lowrey is closing? No new organs will be made after 2018 and existing stocks should last for the first quarter of 2019 only.

    This means that prices of more recent used Lowrey models are probably about to take a dive, even bigger than the dives that they historically have had the moment they are delivered from the dealer. So waiting a while might be an idea! As for finding information, it depends on what era of Lowrey you're talking about. Lowrey USA still has a website with full details of current models. There's an active Lowrey Users Group - , there's the Vintage Organs Facebook group for older models - and of course you're already at the original main resource site for most things organ!

    To find other Lowrey owners, the Lowrey Users Group should come up trumps.
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      Originally posted by Teradon View Post
      Do you know of any other Lowrey owners in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho area?
      Nothing in Rio Rancho. Piano source is the only dealer in Abq. I know she has a used Inspire just waiting to be sold!!! I was seriously thinking of getting it until the Marquee was an option.
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        Andy is right. the prices will go down. I would go with the highest end newest model. and you can also call the Lowrey dealers that are still selling them and ask what used ones they have. They have financing and so you could get into a nice organ for a minimal monthly amount Call Lacefield music in St Louis Mo she has a Palladium for 4500 and that is reasonable . Shipping would be 600 but a great organ there are gougers out there too need to weed them out but there are great deals out there keep watch and let your fingers do some walking.


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          I was looking at a Lowrey Stardust but came home with a Lowrey Sterling.
          Never had a Lowrey before, what an organ.
          My Wersi is going to my daughter and the grandsons.
          I will have some studying to do to learn everything on this organ. I got the books with the organ.
          It sad that such musical instruments decrease in price so fast to garage sale prices....but good for someone like us on this forum that like to create music (good or bad).


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            I just got a Lowrey Grand Royale and it's enough for me. How many more sounds do I need really It's a beast and heavy as HELL I have a HUGE gigantic (for a home at least) Allen organ it's a BEAST and so I have a classical organ and a huge Lowrey I would go with the largest Lowrey I could find and that is what I did got it for 500 needs a new cheek block and that I will have to have custom made but 500 is to me affordable. If I get another one it would be an Imperial I wish the Grand Royale had the colored screen then it would be a Stardust with full pedals Yeah Lowreys are awesome and my favorite organ to be honest I have an old C500 in great condition and that is y favorite organ I always loved that organ there is something about it to me.