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Thomas Playmate A 1130

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  • Thomas Playmate A 1130

    Hey Guys, new to the forum. I have an opportunity to pick up a free Thomas Playmate A1130 organ. Everything works.

    Is this worth picking up to get into the organ world? I can't find much information online so any feedback would be appreciated.
    If it's not worth the hassle and I should keep my eyes out for something else let me know.


    Click image for larger version

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    If it is free why not? if you like playing the organ then look for something more inspiring But free is good and what do you have to lose if it's close by get it


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      I agree - if it's free and local and works, it's worth having. A lot of music can be played on a spinet, especially hymns and old country music. They are VERY reasonable to get into the organ world.

      Be sure to ask if they have the music rack, if the bench comes with it, and if they have the manual and maybe a service manual, and any of the original music that came with it, or even music that they'll give you. I've gotten a lot of free music books and sheets from folks that I've retrieved free/cheap organs from.

      And welcome to the forum!
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        Welcome to the Forum and the world of the home organ!

        If it really works OK (double check every note, pedal and button) and it's free, then why not? If there's anything at all wrong with it, walk away. There are, as you will find, hundreds of freebies or ultra low cost organs out there, depending on where you are. This one will at least get you started and when you have exhausted the sounds it can make, you'll be ready for something bigger and better (and probably still free!) We'll be happy to help you choose organ #2! :)
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          You can find much better smaller organs than this Thomas. It was their entry level organ when I sold them in a music store. We called them our "baby" Thomas organs. If you like Thomas at least go with a Californian model since they are a cut above the Playmate series. Then even better are the Thomas models above the Californian.

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            Originally posted by Treybo83 View Post
            Hey Guys, new to the forum. I have an opportunity to pick up a free Thomas Playmate A1130 organ. Everything works.
            Bonfire Night was a month ago, but welcome to the forum.


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              To me it doesn't matter what model you get for your first organ Get your hands on it and start playing. Then save up and find a great large huge used Lowrey and then you have thousands of sounds. if I was as good as Richard Elliot (my absolute favorite organist) I would be able to make that playmate sound awesome. but the large lowreys inspire you to strive to be better so once you get the feel for playing and want to do it. then move up to a huge instrument so you're done looking and can focus on learning


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                Thanks for the input! I'll be picking it up tomorrow. I'd love to get my hands on a nice Lowrey but I'll try this little guy out first. I'll post more pics once I pick it up and if anyone is interested in hearing it or listening I could post clips.