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Technics SX-GN9?

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  • Technics SX-GN9?

    Hi, I am new to this site and looking for some advice please. I used to play the organ twenty years ago! I am fancying learning again, I always liked Technics so this is what I am looking for. Is there a difference between SX-gn9 and SX-FN3? How much approximately would you expect to pay? Is there a big difference between GN3 and GN9? I am looking on Ebay at the moment can anyone please recommend anywhere else to look.

    Sorry for so many questions. Thank you for any advice you can offer me.



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    Welcome to the Forum. Thread moved to the correct section for you.

    The GN9 and FN3 are basically the same instrument, the FN3 being the full console version of the spinet GN9. There are a few other extras on the FN3 but nothing significant. As for how much to pay, you've missed out the most important bit - your location! In the UK, there's a GN9 on for just £80. USA value would be similar. Expect to pay a bit more for the FN3 but not massively more. If you're in continental Europe, you'll pay more and if you're in Scandinavia, Israel, Turkey or Brazil then the values will be much more.

    Ebay is as good a place as any, but look at local advertising, things like Craigslist in the USA, or Gumtree and Friday-Ad in the UK.

    You might think about going a generation later, and looking at the GA3 and the FA1. Much better instruments, Technics' swansong in the industry. More money, yes, but worth it IMHO. You'll find many threads on this subject on the forum with a search. Do remember that, like most older digital organs, there are fewer and fewer spares available. Technics enjoy great reliability, as do all the Japanese makes. The GA/FA have one Achilles heel in the tempo dial, but these have been remanufactured and are now available again at a very reasonable price. Not sure about the GN/FN. Some earlier Technics models had issues with LCD screens going dark.
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      I will also suggest the later models, the small EA5 and GA1 also worth considering, the EA5 can be got for under £100 and the GA1 for not much more both are great organs. The FA1 console is the best one to get but technics only sold about dozen in the UK so are very rare.

      The GA3 and G100 are available on ebay quite a lot can be got for under £500, yes the tempo dials are a problem also disk drives can fail due to age but rest is usually ok unless they have had lot of use in a club.

      The yamaha Ar80 and ar100 also worth looking as both offer a lot organ for not much money as well.
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        Thank you for your replies. I am from Lancashire also tobeycat.